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Michelle Lowbridge
Michelle Lowbridge
Michelle Lowbridge


I’d grown my company’s revenue by 54x in 24 months.

People were flying from all over the world to train with me.

I had a bestselling book, and was running a high-level mentorship.


After the high of doing a two-day training, I found myself inexplicably low.


I couldn’t believe it.

Over the previous few months I’d moved my family into our dream home, created the company I’d dreamt of, and even lost 40lb.

So why did everything suddenly feel so damn difficult?

I took a long, hard look at myself, my life, and my business.

Things had to change.

It was time to reignite the spark that brought me success in the first place. 

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Michelle Lowbridge
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It was time to put myself under the microscope.

Over the next few months, I realised I possessed seven keys.

They unlocked the door to ease and success, through agile decision-making.

I’d let them rust.

As I examined and polished them, my money-making mojo returned.

I knew these keys had to be shared, so I wrote The Agile CEO.

With these keys, easy-to-execute decisions become reality again, not just a faded memory. 

New products, motivated teams, and the ability to implement killer strategies. 

Adventure, great health, and more laughter than ever. 

Plenty of time for the people and things that really matter. 

A robust trajectory in the direction you want to go. 

These things all happened when I stopped lying to myself. 

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Michelle Lowbridge

No-one really understands the mind-feckery you’re dealing with.

And you can’t tell anyone.


Because you don’t want pity, charity, or humiliation.

It’s easier to shove the stress into a box, dig deep, and crack on with business.

Working harder.  Working longer.

One day you realise you look like shite, so you stop looking in the mirror.

You convince yourself you have a taste for fine wine, but secretly wonder if you’re turning into one of your alcoholic relatives.

You start to wonder if you’re getting paranoid.

Or is that new start-up flirting with your clients?

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Making decisions gets harder.

You delay outcomes, look for escape routes.


You lose your edge, and your instincts – the things that made you brilliant in the first place.


The human mind is a tricky character.

It hoards old stories, clings to past experiences, and takes liberties with the truth.

To make permanent change, we must access the bank of information the mind draws from.

Find the stories, and the baggage, and the lies, and extract them.

Leaving a clean set of data, so that you can operate at your full potential.

As the world evolves, so must you, and so must the way you do business.

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Michelle Lowbridge

I’m immensely grateful that I was always told to do my best.

And then do it better tomorrow.

To make a decision and crack on with it.

And on the days when business as usual feels like mission impossible, I can find out why.

Michelle Lowbridge

Let me help you with one of the things that’s stopping you from enjoying your success.


Click below to download my free report on the Four Causes of Imposter Syndrome.



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