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Yet the job is so stressful that making decisions becomes difficult. 

Which amplifies the stress. 

Michelle Lowbridge


When you find yourself Googling ‘CEO + anxiety + decision-making’, something’s got to give. 


It doesn’t have to be your sanity. 

As the global economy buckles up for a bumpy ride, you’re under more pressure than ever. 

Keeping everyone happy is way more than a full-time job. 

You spend so much time covering your ass, you could start an underwear company. 

Or maybe a glove factory, because you’ve started biting your nails again. 

You hate how on-edge you are. 

You feel guilty about all the people you’ve lost touch with. 

You blame the circumstances. 

Just one more day.  One more deal. 

Waiting for that holy grail moment when it all clicks into place. 

Stop lying to yourself. 

There is no silver bullet, magic pill, or fairy godmother. 

Michelle Lowbridge
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Imagine if you could follow a set of simple principles that meant:


+ You were confident in every decision, instead of agonising over who you might infuriate. 

+ You could relax in the knowledge that you’re consistently doing the right thing, instead of constantly bracing for an attack. 

+ You were naturally self-assured, and happy to speak in public, instead of dreading being confronted with a microphone. 

You don’t have to wait for retirement to find the mental peace you’re craving. 

Michelle Lowbridge
Michelle Lowbridge - The Agile CEO

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