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Michelle Lowbridge

The truth is that money and stress have a dysfunctional relationship.

A tangled web of lack, lies, and limitations.

When you make money without cleaning up your attitude towards it, you’re in trouble.

Your internal, subconscious settings don’t match your external experiences.

The contrast between the two just means one thing: stress

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In a moment when you’re physically crumbling but you still show up.

When you look around and all your friends are on the payroll.

You pretend that your kids are happy with ten extra people on your family holiday, because you're afraid of not having any distractions.

You preach self-discipline but your attitude to yourself borders on obsessive punishment - because there’s a part of you that will never be good enough.

You sometimes wonder if you're irrational but there’s no one you can trust to challenge you.

You spend a lot of time justifying your absence from your family, kidding yourself that their tolerance means you’re doing the right thing... and you’re running out of ideas for gifts to appease them.

And no matter how much money you make, you’re always left with a shadowy feeling that this isn’t where you really belong.

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To release the demons playing with your mind, you have to first acknowledge that they exist. 

If you’re ready for an honest conversation about money and stress, maybe I can help.

Life is short.

Time moves fast.

You - and your loved ones - deserve to enjoy every second.

My methods are unique, life-changing, and bring about rapid change.

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Let me help you with one of the things that’s stopping you from enjoying your success.


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